Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling and Garbage

1. Does the Town require building permits?

The Town adopted the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code in 2004. A building permit is required for a residential property, If a person alters a building in excess of 75% of the existing building's square footage in any 12 month period, or builds a new building. John Hoffman is the Residential Building Inspector (715) 569-3636. The Town does not regulate or issue building permits for commercial or non-residential buildings. Contact Wood County Planning & Zoning for more information.


Town Caucus

1. What is a Caucus?

The caucus is a method that may be used by towns for nominating candidates to be placed on the Spring Election Ballot.

2. Who can attend and nominate candidates at a Caucus?

The caucus is open to the public, but only qualified electors of the municipality may nominate and vote for candidates. A person is not required to be a registered voter in order to participate in the caucus.

3. What is a qualified elector?

Any person who is a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age or older, who has resided with the town for at least 28 days before the caucus.

4. Are the candidates that are nominated at the Caucus on the Spring Primary Ballot?

No, the caucus is like a primary because the electors at the Caucus nominate and vote for candidates at the Caucus until the field of candidates is narrowed down the appropriate number of candidates for each office. Example: For those offices where only one person is to be elected and more than two persons have been nominated, a vote must be conducted at the caucus to reduce the number of candidates to two.

5. How many votes can an elector cast?

Each elector at the caucus is entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are seats to be filled at the election. For example, if 2 Town Board Supervisors are to be elected, each elector can vote for 2 candidates.

6. When is the Caucus held?

The date for the Caucus is set at the December Town Board Meeting in even number years. The Caucus is held in January of odd-numbered years between the first Tuesday and the last Tuesday of January. The date of the Caucus is posted in three public places, posted on the Town Website, and published in the Marshfield News Herald.

7. I still have questions, who can I contact?

Contact Rosie Ewoldt, Town Clerk through this website "Contact Us" tab on the horizontal toolbar, through e-mail at or (715) 569-4458.