Implements of Husbandry

November 11, 2014 Town Board Meeting

The Sherry Town Board decided to use Option F, as outlined by the Wisconsin Towns Association training and information. 

This option does not require an ordinance because there is no change from the lengths and weights imposed under Act 377.  This will mean that the 23,000 lbs. per axle apply to IOHs and Ag CMV’s and the Category B IOHs, where there is exemption from 23,000 lbs. per axle weight but no exemption for total gross weight up to 92,000 lbs. 

There can still be “no-fee permits” request to exceed the state limits on length and weights. 

Under Act 377, Category B units must be given an alternate route if the requested route is denied. 

Option F provides flexibility to the agriculture community, but retains local control over weights beyond the new IOH/Ag CMV table.  

A motion was made to implement Option F by Chairman Homb, second by Supervisor Hetze.  Motion carried.

The Town Chairman is responsible to issue the permits.

The Town provided this information to Department of Transportation for their website.

For more information - click this link for the Department of Transportation website:

The forms are also available here:   Forms & Permits